Sloppeteers traverse the course in heats of six, but compete individually. The front runners from each heat advance to the quick elimination semi-final, which determines who goes head to head in the ultimate Sloppy Showdown.

Tug 'n' Chug

Race to load cargo into a sled, haul it up the hill, slam a beer, and slide down to the finish.


Our lazy person version of the biathlon. In sum: shoot at tallboy targets with Nerf guns. The person to knock the most down in the allotted amount of time wins.

Three-ski Race

Like the three-legged races of field day yore, but on a shared ski thing. Unlike three-legged races of yore, there's a shotski in the middle.

Ice Buckets

A hybrid of beer pong and Bozo Buckets, in which you face off with another person to get your balls into buckets made of ice. 

Snow, Man

A creative challenge that involves making a snowman based on a prompt and our arbitrary judgment determines the winner.

SnoCan Dash

Balance a "snowball" on a beer can while weaving between ski poles. If the snowball is dropped, you have to start over. Quickest time wins.