What's a loppet?

Traditionally, a loppet is a long distance cross-country skiing event, like the Birkebeiner, or the Twin Cities' own City of Lakes Loppet . We're going with the broader definition which includes any athletic event occurring across varied terrain, "athletic" being very loosely interpreted. (Purists will tell you it's actually pronounced LOH-pet, but in true Upper Midwestern fashion, we prefer our phonetics to be the way god intended, å la EYE-talian, bayg, ruhf, etc.) 

Is there skiing involved?

No actual skiing this time -- we're trying something new this year to level the playing field for people who might have lingering PTSD from that one time they tried to use their aunt's Nordic Track. However, most of the challenges involve elements of that beloved Scandi sport, so you'll get your fix with far less struggle. 

What's included with my ticket?

Aside from the chance to say you conquered the cold, the best craft beers from local maestros Indeed Brewing and Summit will be a-flowing, and Como Dockside will be serving up Two Gingers Hot Toddies to keep you toasty. For folks who are coming from MSP/West Metro, we'll have a bus to haul your ass from Pat's Tap in South Minneapolis all the way to exotic St. Paul because we want you to be responsibly sloppy. PLUS, awards and prize booty, y'all! 


We believe the children are our future, but for the time being, the Sloppy Loppet is exclusive to 21+ folks only. A valid I.D. is required at check-in.


We can substitute H2O for the drink-infused challenges. Just try not to judge the rest of us.

What should I wear?

Whatever makes your fire burn, but do take note that the Best Suited prize goes to the best retro snowsuit ensemble. The perfect marriage of form and function, we like to think the Tundra Tuxedo never went out of style. 

Will there be food?

We definitely recommend fueling up beforehand to help soak up the fun later. Should you get peckish throughout the day, Como Dockside’s menu of New Orleans-inspired po’boys and other fixins will keep a body sated.

What if it's really cold?

Uh oh, did you move here after reading a listicle that said the Twin Cities are the best places to live in the nation? Because whomever wrote that clearly did not experience The Great Polar Vortex of '14, in which we held the inaugural Sloppy Loppet. For real though, you'll be moving throughout the day — you'll forget to be cold! Plus, drinking raises your body temp says science. And if you're really not feeling it, sweet, sweet heat is but steps away.

What if there's no snow?

Ah, the many moods of Midwest weather. Should this unlikely scenario come to pass, we have a contingency plan that's just as good as the original, so it will be all systems go.

I’m not very good at games. What if I suck?

The goal of the Sloppy Loppet isn’t victory for the sake of being victorious. It’s for throwing two middle fingers in the air and saying, “You see that Old Man Winter? You can't break us!" Who cares if you don’t make it to the big time? We’re showing the Snow Beast who’s boss.